Plantation Shutter Repair Parts

Clearview Shutters are a new concept in plantation shutter design. The new design allows us to remove the tilt bar from the front of the shutter panel which is necessary in traditional plantation shutters.
To do this we have a concealed tilt rod at the back of the shutter panel therefore providing completely uninterrupted views through the louvres.
Our shutters can be made in a huge range of colours.

Our hinged shutters fit within a frame either within or outside the window reveal.
L/frames and Z/frames are most common.

Shaped panels are designed to cover architecturally or special shaped windows or openings. Examples: arched, angled, hexagon, octagon.

Our sliding doors are mounted on a track which is concealed by a pelmet. Light blocks and side panels are fitted to prevent light ingress into the room. As much as possible indoor guides are used to prevent the doors from swaying alternatively bottom tracks are recommended in high wind areas.

Bi-fold shutters are a great way to separate a room or cover a window which allows you to open them fully to one side or evenly to equal sides.

Our aluminium shutters are available, hinged in frames, sliding, bi-folding and fixed panel offering a 90mm or 115mm blade.
These are supplied with high grade stainless steel hardware for many years of trouble free operation.
There are 4 standard colours Gloss white, Silver, black, Cream, other colours are available from a Duluxecolour chart at an extra cost.
The shutters are ideal for privacy screening, pergola sun shading, wind screening or adding an architectural element to your home.

At QLD Shutter Solutions, we offer plantation shutter repair parts for various types of shutters, ranging from hinged shutters to bi-fold shutters and everything in between.

Shutters are bound to bear the impact of everyday use, and at one point or the other, they may break apart. This calls for the repairs, and most of the time, new parts are required to fix the issue. When you are buying substandard plantation shutter repair parts, you can expect some trade-off between price and quality. But, you can rest assured with us for QLD Shutter Solutions delivers the best products at a nominal price.

Following are the types of shutters for which we provide parts as well as repair assistance:

  • Clearview Shutters
  • Hinged Shutters
  • Special Shaped Shutters
  • Shutters as Sliding Doors
  • Bi-fold Shutters
  • Aluminium Shutters

Whether you need control rods, hinges, shutter staples, shutter rollers or anything of this sort, QLD Shutter Solutions offers the right product for you. We provide a wide range of shutters as well as repair parts so as to make sure that your requirements are being met.

You can explore our product-range and shop with confidence for we are the most trusted providers of plantation aluminium shutters in Gold Coast. We are associated with some of the best manufacturers of plantation shutters, which implies that the products we source are of unmatched quality and are reasonably priced. Our experts can assist you every step of the way, right from the sales to installation and repairs. We possess extensive experience in this domain and so do we provide the most prudent advice and solutions to suffice your needs.

We are committed to offering the durable yet attractive shutters for your home interiors so that you could make the most of your investment for years to come.

If you need repair parts for your shutter and seek someone who could handle all types of shutter repairs, reach us at QLD Shutters Solutions.

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