Important facts you should know before you purchase shutters

I have been repairing and installing shutters for 9 years and in this time I pretty much know everything that can and will go wrong with plantation shutters and the reasons why.

Firstly, if imported from China, they must be from a well sourced company with a good reputation,

I recently travelled to Shanghai to see exactly how shutters are made, to discover there are only 2 factories that use cutting edge technology and the rest are, in my opinion not well enough equipped to produce a quality product that will last.

Some have dirt floors and when they paint the shutters they wet the floor down with water prior to painting to stop the dust forming on the painted product.

They also use cheaper paints and this all looks ok when they are first installed but do not last.

They also use old out-dated machinery and produce a product that at first glance looks ok but under close inspection shows the flaws that are only apparent to a trained eye.

Problems will only start to show to the untrained eye anywhere between 6 to 12 months depending on the humidity they are subjected to.

The basswood they use is not properly kiln dried and therefore when sealed and painted it locks in the moisture and over time being subjected to varying temperatures such as heat and humidity it will blow out the paint resulting in cracking and peeling of the paint-this I have seen many times whilst contracting to the larger shutter resellers in Brisbane and Gold Coast and the manufacturer or reseller generally will blame the customer by saying they have left a window open- therefore is not covered by the warranty. The preparation and paint procedures are a very important component in the manufacture of shutters if they are to withstand our tropical and humid conditions in QLD.

The factories we source our shutters from use ONLY state of the art technology where the manufacturing is all precision, from cad- drawings’, cutting, assembled and painted with the assistance of today’s technology and computers.

They only use dry basswood which is tested under strict guidelines and are set up with proper sealed spray booths which are climatically controlled at the right temperature for the more expensive polyurethane paint system to cure correctly, ensuring a longer lasting finish.

This of course is a more expensive product to produce and therefore is a far superior product to be furnishing your home and this is why we ONLY buy from the 2 suppliers in Shanghai and is reason I feel 100% comfortable when you buy our shutters and installed by the best.


Kevin Nicholson
Qld Shutter Solutions/Gold Coast Shutter solutions



Qld shutter Solutions and also known as Gold Coast shutter Solutions are the one company, we have done this to make our website more search friendly.

We have been providing shutter and blind installations for the last 9 years and in this time we have encountered every type and brand of plantation shutter, the good the bad and ugly.

We have come across bad installations performed by un- qualified installers that do not hold a current BSA licence.

Over the years we have built a 100% customer satisfaction rating in which we are very proud of and that’s because we care for our customers.

We will not sell an inferior product nor will we use a non-BSA registered installer and we guarantee that no other company can match our price on the same quality shutters we use.

We work our business from home therefore operate on low overheads so we can bring to customers a far superior product at the cheapest possible price, so this is why we guarantee that we cannot be beaten on price for the same quality product.

Before you buy from any company you should always search for reviews on Google to see what other peoples experience have been with a particular company because there are some shocking experiences people have gone through, this does not happen at QLD Shutter Solutions , our customer satisfaction record is 100% and will stay that way because we respect people and have great business ethics, we are not under pressure to sell to meet sales targets like other companies-take your time to think about what your requirements are so that we can work on a solution.

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